Unanimous judgment from the Supreme Court”. “The Prime Minister acted unlawfully in the proroguing of Parliament”. “This is the most significant constitutional judgment in our lifetime”. “Johnson wiped the Queen’s eye”. Yeah I made that last one up but at this stage there is little that is left unsaid about the upheaval of British politics as a result of the successful challenge to Prime Minister Johnson in Britain’s Supreme Court.

Johnson has been found to have been chancing his arm with an abuse of power in the Parliament he professes to hold dear. Brexits “take back control” has spun British own politics into a spin. A spin where a soft landing looks highly unlikely.

Supreme Court President, Lady Brenda Hale, a hero for many human rights advocates before this week, might as well have had bells tolling behind her as she declared “The decision to advise Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament was unlawful because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of Parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification.

In any other times there would be a Downing Street secretary phoning that removals company and asking them if they have any slots available this week, after the quick and embarrassed speech of resignation. But these are not normal times. What was the response of Boris Johnson, the disgraced Prime Minister who has made a career of lying to everyone? To faff around, pull his hair and say it is carry on regardless. There is not enough Brasso in the world for that Eton Oxford brass neck. Indeed, he looks likely to carry on with his party blinded by the unique virus called Brexit. 

In any other times the Opposition Party would sort out that outrage and immediately get a motion of No Confidence ready to roll and win it. But these abnormal times mean that Corbyn’s Labour Party are too convulsed in internal naval gazing and fears of a general election to kick into the open goal.

Their Remain/Leave message is too pathetic to stand over, and they know it, so they remain the ineffectual rabbits in headlamps we have come to expect and are continuously disappointed in. The Brexit virus has affected these left wingers by weakening their spines.

Of course, there are many of us in Ireland that see this damning court judgment and the subsequent convulsions of response and raise our eyebrows. The British Supreme Court and the next court of last resort in the European Court of Human Rights have delivered similarly scathing rebukes of the British government previously. Not in terms of their relationships with the parliament or with their monarch, but in relation to the taking of lives in Ireland by the British state both directly and indirectly. They have been found to have acted unlawfully in systemic fashion by violating the Right to Life. Of course, these findings have been given little more than cursory attention by the media or the British parliament. But then again, we all know that Irish lives matter little, certainly less than the disruption of Westminster’s “gentlemanly” custom.

So, we might be forgiven if we look across the water to London in cataclysmic chaos with additional wry or disparaging comment. But then again if they don’t care what their own courts think of their behaviour, they certainly don’t care about our opinion anyway.

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