This whole pact thing has left me very uncomfortable.
It would appear that I am too “tribal” for the so-called centre ground to consider my vote worth being inclusive of. It would also appear that I am only viewed through tribal goggles and my opinion and position on issues is irrelevant in a scenario of “sectarian headcounts”.
Except that in many ways I should fit a different demographic. I am a feminist. I’m pro-choice. I recycle and compost. I am against Brexit. But the problem is I identify as Irish. I also want a united Ireland. And there is the rub. Isn’t it. So who exactly is sectarian headcounting?
Here is the truth. The so called “centre ground” doesn’t exist. It has always been perceived and today reinforced as a middle class pro-Union myth designed to carve a different unionist space and actively exclude me. A shame really because if the bottom line antagonism to my identity and value wasn’t there we could have some really progressive and interesting conversations where all of our lives might be made a bit better.
But hey… East Belfast unionist votes are always going to be more attractive and less contaminated than mine. That is how I feel this evening.

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